Monday, September 05, 2011

Agree to disagree?

Anyone who has raised a baby through teething will tell you:  teething will cause a fever and an icky diaper, not all the time, but it certainly happens with regularity.  Most, if not all, pediatricians will say, NOPE - teething doesn't cause all those things.  So, who is right? The professional with the degree, our countless mothers and fathers who share similar experiences?

I ask because I'm in a professional disagreement with our Endo. It has been HOT here, like holy hinges of hell, Dante's Inferno, sort of hot.  Twice last week, Middle started throwing ketones, felt generally miserable but never had crazy high sugar numbers, nor a fever.  And, amazingly enough, with a pump site change and new insulin, VOILA, he was all better in about 2 hours.  (we repeated the cycle 2 times in 4 days).

Nothing else changed, his canula was properly inserted, there were no changes in ratios or anything to warrant this - and given how things improved with FRESH insulin, I chaulked it up to the heat rendering the insulin in his pump inactive.. he was getting insulin per the pump instructions, only the insulin was bad.

Dr. Endo, however, disagreed with the assumptions and thought it was more an absorption issue, or bolus amounts or basal rates.. but NOT cooked insulin.

Nonetheless, we made the executive decision to put as little insulin in the pod as we could get away with so that we were changing it nearly daily until the heat wave was over (still waiting on that, by the way). We also took Dr. Endo's advice to up his basal rates for the majority of the day, but now are battling lows at 3am. (I swear, if it is not one thing, its another...) 

But those of you in the Diabetic Online Community - what do you think? Absorption or heat? While I truly trust and appreciate Dr. Endo's advice and counsel, just like I did with my peditrician on the whole teething issue, I will respectlfully agree to disagree.

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