Friday, March 25, 2011

It finally happened..

The tooth came out.  My friend, Kellee, said it would probably come out on Monday morning as we were dashing around the house like crazy people without the time to stop and celebrate what just happened.

She was about 5 days off.

I was dropping the boys off today, where I do every day, in our old neighborhood so they can walk to the bus stop with their friend and take the same bus they took last year.  Only, rather than stick around and watch them get on the bus, I have to make a mad dash down to my school, lest I show up too late!  As Youngest was getting out of the car, I could see him fiddling with the tooth with his tongue.  He got this strange expression on his face, bent over (I had a momentary panic thinking he was going to throw up) and out popped the tooth!

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to stop and celebrate with him.  I squealed my delight as Middle bent down in the grass to retrieve the tooth (successfully) and I hugged my newly toothless-wonder.  Everyone asked if he freaked out, and I think there was a moment of freak-age, but overall he handled it like a champ!

So now, my youngest, my 'baby' is slowly shedding what's left of his babyness.  I didn't get upset when he started Kindergarten, and I didn't get upset with this loss of his first tooth, but the awareness that he is rapidly growing and soon will be joining the world of BIG BOYS is not lost on me.  I would be happy to freeze time and keep him just like this; innocent, wide eyed, and toothless.  Then I realize the pride I feel when I watch my other two accomplish and discover and grow, and I think... it does only get better. 

I want to savor it all, remember it all.  I know my old feeble brain can't hold it all, so I'm thankful for THIS.. who needs a good memory when you blog?  ;)

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