Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cutting the nose to spite the face

Like nearly all districts across our state, my district is in dire straights when it comes to the budget.  We already do "more with less" and our class sizes are astronomical.  We've been promised that our district will NOT increase class sizes any further, which means, in theory, that teacher's jobs will not be cut drastically next year.  This leaves the district with the need to cull elsewhere.

The latest lambs that are being led to slaughter are our school nurses. 

Middle and I are going to a town hall meeting tonight to protest this.  I have heard the argument  -  why can't a school secretary put on a band-aid, as if that is the only job of nurses in schools!!

Middle, for one, is chronically ill.  He may not look sick, he may not act sick, but when you think about it, having Diabetes makes him chronically sick.  He needs constant supervision during the day, and during the night, to ensure his sugar levels are OK.  It is a little easier now that he is on the pump, but even so - there are times the nurse needs to use her medical training and knowledge to handle a bolus situation or give an additional injection.  I have no faith that a secretary would take on such a truly life or death responsibility.

Some students in California are being denied their right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) because they are diabetic.  The school districts, in an effort to cut costs, have eliminated nurses on many campuses, or make the campuses "share" nursing services.  Because there is not a nurse on campus in case of emergency, if a parent cannot be at school with the child that day, the child cannot come to school.  How fair is that??  (And yes, the ACLU is all over that!!)

I get it we need to cut costs.  How about we start with our Superintendent's inflated salary??  Leave the nurses alone!

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spunkyamy said...

Amen!!! It's also ILLEGAL for secretaries, as well as other non-medical personnel to prescribe and administer medication. That's what she's doing if she makes the decision on how much to give him. I wouldnt want someone that isnt highly trained, making decisions on how much insulin to give my child. School nurses do a lot more than put on bandaids, take temperatures, and give hugs. I hope you get the resolution you deserve.