Friday, June 11, 2010

Stuff... and a countdown or two.

There is a lot happening in our house this month.  Middle leaves for camp.  We move.  I am going to wake up soon and it will be July!

The movers arrive in 10 days.  T-e-n.  TEN DAYS PEOPLE!  My house is beginning to look like a place where unwanted things go to die, but I know we have lightened the load and weeded out a bunch of crap, ahem, I mean stuff, already, but I look around the mess that once was my home and wonder how, on earth, we will ever be ready.

Oh, and of those ten days, I will be out of commission for two.  Because of the #1 thing happening this month - Middle goes to camp.  Tomorrow.  Six hours away by car and momma is driving him.  Now, the rather selfish part of me loves this arrangement because it means a night, possibly alone (Oldest may want to tag along, but he has not made up his mind yet.  I keep telling him that it is OK if he does not want to go.. really.. I'll be OK... no pressure....) but I am also aware of what needs to be done before June 21st when we turn over the keys.

Middle went to camp for the first time last summer.  He was 8.  He got a little teary when I left (as opposed to me who was a blythering mess stoic beyond belief) but loved every single minute of the experience and has been counting down, literally, every day since.  "Mom.. only 7.5 more months until I can go to camp again."  "Mom, can I start packing for camp?" <-- said in March...  If he gets any sleep tonight, I will be shocked.

But I also wonder... at least for me, whenever there is something huge that I am excited about, be it a party, a visit, a vacation, when it at last gets here, and then it is over, the let down is huge.  I spend so much time, so much energy looking forward to IT, and then poof!  It's over.  How will he be when it is Next Saturday, and he is here, back home, amid the mess and chaos of a home between houses? When all I can do is think 'this box here, that box there.."  He is going to be sad, and missing camp, and in the middle of moving hell.

But again, this is Middle.. and he is without question my 'roll with it' kid.  Unflappable.  Constant.  Maybe I need to learn from him, and figure out how to be just slightly unflappable in the middle of all this stuff.

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