Monday, June 07, 2010

Here we go..

And just like that... we went from spring like, very pleasant weather here in the Valley of the Sun, to heat advisories for all of the southern half of the state.  A heat advisory basically means temps at or above 110*.  And, so it begins... the melting, firestorm heat of summer in Arizona.   Oddly enough, this year I can tell you exactly when it happened.  Friday.  My general routine is to try to get up before anyone else (challenging with Mr. Oldest who seems to have come from Rooster DNA), grab my coffee and sit out on the patio for a little quiet time.  I listen to birds singing to each other, watch the various families of quail and their little quail-letts scamper about the back yard.  It's my "commune with nature" time, and about as communing as I plan to do.  Up until Saturday morning, the air during this time was very pleasant.  Not exactly crisp, but there was a lightness to it - nothing oppressive at all. 
Saturday morning, it was gone.  When I went out at 6am, it was already 85* and feeling heavy.  Now, we are supposed to have a break in the heat late next week, but until then... well, it IS Arizona after all.  Time to live like moles - deep underground, hiding from the sunshine, desperately trying to stay cool.

Oh, and my air conditioner has gone kaput.  With 2 weeks left for us in this house... of course.  Oiy... here we go!

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TKW said...

Whaa? No air conditioning in an Arizona summer? That's a bad, bad thing. Hope you invested in lots of popsicles?