Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've not blogged in ages!

At the end of the year, I was too busy to complete a coherent thought. Now that school is over, I am finding myself with less to say!!

We are all doing well in the Jensen house. The boys lasted a full 4 days of summer vacation before I was ready to let them kill each other or have a hand at the task myself. Luckily for everyone involved, we discovered the Boys & Girls Club camp and they've been going daily for 3 weeks. They are happy, the house is quiet and everyone is still breathing. Good sign, on all counts!

Christopher has proven to be the easiest-going little munchkin around. I drag him everywhere, and he goes willingly, never complaining... and we are even having a modicum of success with the whole potty-training concept. Of course, being allowed to run around the house naked seems to help that!

We had some windy days and lost 3 HUGE branches off the tree in the front yard so I have spent the better part of the last two days hacking away at said tree with every chopping gizmo I can find. Have not done a bad job, either.. we will see how she fares when the winds really pick up.. maybe I have a new career in front of me??

I usually complain fiercely about the heat in summer, and I am sure that will come, but I will say we have had the most lovely June weather and I am enjoying every minute of it, for I know what comes next! May was hotter than the holy hinges of hell, and as is typical fashion, things remain that way until about Halloween. However, the weather gods have smiled down upon me, and we've not been at or above 100* for over 2 weeks.

I promise I will try to find things to write about... I do.. just not promising I will actually FIND anything!!

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