Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why I am considering listing the members of my family on Ebay

Setting: Parker's play off game.

Background: After a furious scramble yesterday to retrieve all parts of his uniform (at the 11th hour), Parker assured me he knew where all of his uniform was today.

Scene: The mother is at Target, frantically making necessary purchases of laundry soap and dishwasher tabs when her cell phone rings.

Steve (husband): "Do you know where Parker's cup is? He can't find it".
Me: "No, he said he had everything he needed"
Steve: "Well, we have looked everywhere, all over this house and we can't find it"
Me: "He had it last night. It didn't grow feet and walk away. It is there SOMEWHERE"

Cue screaming and wailing in background from distraught boy who cannot play without said cup.

Steve: "I guess we just can't go. No cup, no game"
Me: "I will be home in a minute. I will help you look"

Mom screaches tires getting car into driveway, and dashes in front door.

Mom:"Parker, did you check the bathroom??"


Parker:"Oh, here it is..."

Looked ALL OVER the house?? Really??

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