Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 random things about me...

This is a re-post from Facebook. If you are reading this, feel free to consider yourself "tagged" and post your own 25 random things...

1. When applying to college, I filled in "Undecided" 8 times. The only school I committed to a major at was USC.. That was where I ended up. Lots of good a degree in Psychology did me, though..

2. I simply LOVED going to an all-girls' high school.

3. I have a terrible fear of heights, snakes and vomiting.

4. Despite growing up around smokers, I have never once even tried to smoke.

5. I spent nearly every spring break of my youth and teenage years on Sanibel Island, and it is still my favorite place on earth (ok, Amalfi comes close) to spend quiet vacation time.

6. The nearly 8 years I have spent in Arizona is the only time in my life that I have lived more than an hour away from a major ocean and I hate it.

7. I am the only child of two only children. My husband's enormous family still overwhelm me in about 5 minutes.

8. Most folks who meet me think that I am either extremely self confident or an incorrigible snob when the truth is I am generally quite private and shy.

9. I love to sing and have been known to break out into song without warning. The piece of flair that says "Be careful, anything you say may remind me of a song that needs to be sung? is ALL me!

10. I am often the loudest person in the room and talk with my hands. There's not a whole lot of Italian in me, but that's what I blame!!

11. After meeting my future mother in law for the first time, she went back to her home town and described me as "Nice girl... talks with her hands a lot"...

12. I was all set to be the mother of girls and even cried when I found out I was having boys, but now that I am a mother of boys, I would not trade it for the world!!

13. I have my first group of "real" language arts kids (english to we kids of the 80's) and simply LOVE them!!

14. I am completely and hopelessly addicted to Facebook and am not yet ready for a recovery program!

15. My boys continue to absolutely amaze and surprise me every day with the things they do, the things they say... I am so completely proud to be their mom.

16. Despite all my years of "proper" schooling and my mother's attempts to make me into a Lady, I swear like a truck driver and might even be able to make a sailor blush!

17. I talk to my mom every day on the phone. Many days, I even talk to her twice.

18. My favorite book ever is The Eight by Katherine Neville. I have not been able to get through the sequel.

19. I think Hugh Jackman is one of the sexiest men alive (and so does People Magazine) but not only is he hunky, the man can sing AND dance.. gotta love a guy who can play Curley from Oklahoma!

20. I let my kid watch way too much TV. I know this - and yet.. I do nothing to change it.

21. I prefer a room full of hormonal 8th graders than a room full of elementary school kids. Most people think that is downright strange.

22. I want to become fluent (again) in French. Mlle Charton from Miss Porters would be so disappointed at how I have let my French go!

23. I miss snow.

24. Even though I have not lived there since 1987, I still consider Avon, Connecticut to be HOME.

25. Regardless of what many people may say.. I do NOT have an accent!

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