Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Never a dull moment around here

Even when it is quiet, it is never dull!!

Take today, for instance. I left work like Johnny-on-the-spot to get home and see the kids before I whizzed off to a meeting. Steve was planning to be home between 4:15 and 4:30. Cool. I toss Christopher in his den put Christopher down for a nap, and head for the door around 4:05. My meeting is at 4:30 so I have plenty of time. I make sure the dogs are locked up, check the boys are OK, tell the painters that Steve will be home any moment and I take my leave. (and yes, the boys are under adult supervision at this point, just in case any CPS workers are prowling the internet for neglectful parents)

Less than 10 minutes later, I get a call, and then a text, from the painters. The garage is full of smoke, the other painter is on the horn with 911, and the one with whom I am speaking is getting Chris up from his nap and taking all the kids outside. Evidently, something with the water heater has clearly gone awry and the fire department is on its way, and when is your husband getting home and we think we have it but is your insurance policy up to date, and no we don't see flames, but the whole downstairs smells like an electrical fire and ok, Steve is here, as are 2 fire trucks, so we gotta go.

Really? I JUST left the house, and had even looked INTO the garage before I left (because I noticed the door from the dog room to the garage was open and usually it is closed so I took note of that in the warped goo that is my mind). Fire? Smoke filling the garage? Smouldering water heater? Really? I ask you - do I need this today?

Luckily the Fire Department cut the power to the heater, assured Steve the house would not blow up in the middle of the night, and suggested we air the place out a bit with some fans.

The heater has a warranty. It could be a 6, 8 or 10 year warranty. It was installed on March 8th, 2002.

What do you want to bet its the 6-year warranty-variety?

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