Saturday, April 12, 2008

AIMS testing, over and out

To quote:

"What a long, strange trip its been"...

Oh my heavens - how is it possible that the simple act of proctoring these high-stakes tests could leave someone absolutely and completely spent? It did not help that I woke up completely convinced it was Friday when in fact it was Thursday, so that by itself made the week drag even more. And again, Steve was gone for the better part of the week, either leaving at some unearthly hour, or returning at one, or both.

His Aunt Bonnie died this week, so that added to the strange-ness of it all. She was a remarkable lady - truly the embodiment of the Energizer Bunny. She was a walking medical miracle from about 1987 onward, so each day was a blessing that could very well have never been. She will be missed...

Steve left for MN to attend the funeral, thus continuing my single-parent status through the weekend. Even more evidence that I would not want to do this full time. And again, hats off to all the single moms out there who actually do this day in and day out. One trip to Costco with all 3 on a Saturday and I am ready for bed!

Other interesting happenings this week... its been crazy all over. I expect my students to go a little bizerk during this week - no one likes testing, but throw a kids with an IEP into that mix and I think it is safe to say they hate it more than the regular ed kids. Just trying to keep them more or less quiet was exhausting.

One of the teachers on my team, one who is truly beloved by all, was informed that a student had filed a complaint of sorts, citing actions that the student felt were 'inappropriate'. All is fine, the teacher has done nothing wrong, but its the first time in about 10 years that something like this happened to this particular teacher, and understandably, nerves are frayed!

One of my students came to me this week, telling me that I had betrayed trust and had hurt his feelings. I think I am still a bit stunned when I think of it, because I had no idea that the banter that flew back and forth had hurt.

I got a call from the Principal of the boys' school, telling me Matthew had gotten into trouble with some other boys in the boy's bathroom... evidently they were trying to make the toilet overflow. And succeeded.

When I picked up Christopher from the sitters on Thursday, I was told he'd been a bit of a bad boy, grabbing one of the little girls by the hair because he wanted a train she had.

I hope whatever was in the water last week has worked its way out of the system and we can go back to status quo beginning Monday.

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