Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Murphy's Law is alive and well, and blooming in Arizona

Wouldn't you know it, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, and at the most impossible time. 2 years ago, it was my ovens that konked out with 2/3 of Minnesota scheduled to arrive in minutes. This year, it is the washing machine that died, mid-cycle, and was holding my clothes hostage for a while. (Luckily for me, and for my clothes, the nice gal on the other line at Sears seemed to know the magic sequence for unlocking the door)

Add to that: No sooner do we get the newly re-plastered pool filled with a small lake's worth gallons and gallons of water, do we realize that the electric motor that runs the filer is kaput. As in, sparking-making-noises-that-frighten-children-with-plumes-of-smoke kind of kaput. The good news? We can get a rebuilt one. The bad news? We still have to pay for it.

Add to that: a roof that leaks, that causes the drywall on the ceiling to stain and begin to fall down. Oh, and that makes the windows look as though a large sneeze will dislodge them from their sill.

I am sure there are other maladies that I can pile on here, but I think I'm exhausted enough just going over these.

In theory, we are supposed to put this money pit house on the market March 1st. At this point, I don't think it is very likely we will make that deadline.

Anyone know how to replace a roof?

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