Saturday, August 11, 2007

Christopher, the caretaker...

I no longer need to worry myself about who will take care of Steve and me in our old age. Matthew has always said that he would be there to take care of us in our dotage, but if he is responsible for our care and feeding, and there's a TV show on he wants to see, we'd starve!!

Christopher is already the family caretaker. The things he does at such a young age just melt my heart... He brings Steve his glasses every morning, gets him a hairbrush after he gets out of the shower, he brings the dogs handfuls of food, in case they are hungry, and will find me my coffee or shoes. He seems to take complete delight in helping others.

At childcare, Nada reports that he is always the one to bring a toy to a crying child, or retrieve one that was tossed on the floor. She has commented more than once that he is such a loving and good-natured child, who seems to have no mean/angry/selfish bone in his body (OK, he's not quite 2, and that latter part might change...)

I wonder where these traits come from. Does he watch and learn from others, or are they innate within his being?? Do we have a future pediatrician or veterinarian on our hands?? It is amazing to watch them all grow and change and develop, and I have to say that I am both humbled and delighted with the path we are watching Christopher start to walk down!!

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