Friday, February 04, 2011

I'm afraid to say it...

that we are out of the woods with Matthew and this dang cold.  I will say, however, in an attempt to not tempt Fate, that he has had a run of better numbers for the last  two days.  I will take what I can get! 

It seems that living with Diabetes, you are in constant "reaction" mode.  It would be really wonderful if we could go "proactive" here, but then something like a flu bug, or a liver that spontaneously spurs into sugar production get in your way and smash your good plans all to heck.  So, we react.  Matt seemed to be an endless sponge of insulin-need while he was sick, so we tweaked his Insulin/Carb ratio (the IC ratio) and his correction factor.  Now that the cold is gone, we evidently need to tweak them back.  (He spent all day yesterday low because his IC was too high.  Or too low.. not sure how to explain that, its like do you turn the AC up, or down, when you want it colder in the house.)

His Dexie (the glucose monitor) needed to be charged last night, and no one wanted Matt to sleep without it.  It's funny how you become dependent on something you didn't have before - me with my iPad, and Matt with the Dexie.  We lived for over a year as a Diabetic family just hoping and praying the nights went well.  Now, Steve wondered how we would be able to sleep without the knowledge the alarm would let of know if something went awry.

So I breathe a very small sigh of relief that we more or less successfully navigated this first small bug.  Amazing testament to Matt's immune system that this was the very first bug he has gotten in 15 months, true.. And keeping fingers crossed that we don't have any larger test looming out there on the horizon!!

Good number, and healthy children, please!!

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Aidan Donnelley Rowley said...

Sending you healthy vibes and good numbers! Happy to be here reading your words. Look forward to reading more.