Monday, July 12, 2010

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming

I've taken the last month "off", so to speak.  A while back, I told myself that I would work hard to get a blog post up every other day, but in truth, there are days when, really - NOTHING of note happens, or, so much is happening that it will take a few days for the "stuff" to filter through my brain and give me something to write about.

We moved on June 18th.  Need I tell you in which of the two scenarios I've found myself?

We're nearing the 4 week mark in the house now, and I am pleased to say that we can fit one car in the garage.  Originally, I told myself I'd be satisfied with reaching this goal by Halloween, but DH kicked it into high gear, and the Passat fits nicely into his new home.  Not sure the Saturn will ever fit.. long beast that it is.

We purged a ton before this move.  We donated boxes and car-loads of stuff to charity, and the neighbors, and still found ourselves in need of a dumpster for the rest of it.  Purging felt good, especially after 9 years of gathering 'stuff'. I firmly believe the word "someday" needs to be stricken from the vocabulary of every home owner... as in "someday we might need this" or as in "Someday, I want to repaint the doors".   Dump it, or do it - Do, or do not.. there is not try! We held on to so many useless things with the notion that we would, in fact, need them someday.  Except, we didn't.  Or, only needed them so rarely that there was really no point to keeping them.  Folding tables, extra folding chairs - all quite useful when I would host scrapbooking parties, but truly, it's been 7 years since I have done that.  Bye-Bye...

I believe purging 'stuff' not only frees up highly valuable real-estate in your house, but in your head, as well.  Less stuff, less stuff to worry about.  Less stuff to worry about, more energy able to devote to important stuff, like getting the house settled! (Less stuff also equals less stuff to put away, thereby making our goal of getting settled infinitely easier!)

We are all getting used to the new house.  I only have to look through one or two cabinets now to find what I need in the kitchen, and the boys all have places for their toys and other necessities that survived The Great Purge of 2010. 

Maybe now with my house, and my head, less cluttered with stuff, I will be able to get back to writing.  Blogs, books... both!!!

No promises, but I'm certainly in a better place now to at least try! (No... DO, or DO NOT - sorry Yoda, I forgot.. there is no TRY!)

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