Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend Update with your host...

Hey... days are flying by with dizzying speed and the road to hell is paved with good intentions - I've meant to update for the last 3 days and something has stopped me each time.

Let's see- we settled back into the routine of being home pretty well. Piles and piles of laundry threatened to overtake the house or bury our youngest, but I think I've managed to beat it back into submission. We continued with swim team and swimming lessons and then Parker had his final championship meet on Saturday. (Matthew decided to not participate, which was fine). So, it is of course, hot and muggy as all get out when we go to the meet at 8am. Also, as an "of course", the only thing I remembered to bring to drink was hot coffee. See - this is what happens when my brain is forced to work before its daily dose of caffeine has kicked in...

There was lots of milling around and waiting, but in all this event ran far more smoothly than the others have (because it was run by the Scottsdale Aquatic Club and this is all they do!) Another change for us was that Parker was not just racing against the kids in the pool with him - like a 'real' even, there were heats and each swim was timed. We didn't know this going in, so his first swim was not his best, but he still got 6th out of 21 swimmers in his age group.

His next two swims, however, were much better! He took first overall in Breaststroke (not his best stroke) and 3rd overall in Butterfly (a stroke I can't even DO, let alone compete in!!) We were all hot, sticky and sweaty but tremendously proud of him!

After that, it was off to the bookstore for the highly awaited BREAKING DAWN book. I finished it, all 756 pages, over the weekend.

So now up for us this week is last minute tying up of loose ends before school begins next week. I was So ready 3 weeks ago for school to start - and now - well, not so much!! Isn't that always how things go??

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