Sunday, September 16, 2007

Free Style

Anyone besides me watch this show on TV? If not, let me give you a quick synopsis: These designers come into someone's home and give it a complete makeover using only the things they already have in the home - nothing new is purchased.

I like this idea... mostly because its FREE! I'm into FREE... FREE is good!! I like FREE! I also like the idea that most of what the designers do is de-clutter. Its amazing how clutter can creep into our lives. After 6 years of living in one place, its hard to see the clutter for all the clutter!! (Sort of the forest for the trees idea).

So, I called in the expert: Mom.

Her first request was that we remove everything from the family room. Literally - everything. We found dust in areas we didn't know existed, several toys we had given up for dead, some remnants of God Only Knows What, but finally were left with a couch and a rug.

The transformation of the Family Room is complete!! Everything is in a different place, and it looks fantastic.

But, (you knew there was a BUT coming...) these projects have a way of breeding in your head, and before you know it, you have not only redone the family room, but your husband's office, a major part of the Master Bedroom, the storage room and have developed plans to attack the boys' bedroom next weekend.

I can no longer fit my car in the garage (it's been ages since Steve has been able to get his car in) as it is full of cast-offs at the moment. But, the interior of our house has been given a lift. And we, other than arms that want to drag on the ground for lack of any upper body strength to carry them upright, have an uplifted spirit to go with our new rooms!

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